Website design, development, and marketing, where do I begin?

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I will not pretend that I know everything, that will be impossible. The internet has doubled since we went to bed last night, the amount of information, videos, pictures, advise, value, and mind-boggling ideas are overwhelming.

How do you compete with everything out there with your website and marketing efforts? To have a website is a given, to market your website and put it in front of your audience, that is the challenge.

The problem is that for the most of us we need other people to do this, people that can design a beautiful functional website that will be fast and perform accordingly, have enough key words and phrases so that it could live up to the marketing expectations?

It becomes too much for someone with a small business who has great ideas and products and want to showcase it to the world.

wordpress sites
WordPress – Content Management System (CMS)

Where should you start and what should you do? Social media platforms have made it easier but has complicated it even more, social media platforms are not easy and has become a discipline you will need a college degree for. That sets you back to square one, now you need a website and a specialist to help you become successful online, and these things will be determining your real-life success.

Let’s try to make a bit of technical sense of at least some of the mentioned aspects. The easiest way to get a website up and running is to use a content management system like WordPress or an alternative online web builder platform like or even Google. Depending on what you want to have online, Google website builder may be your best option for ranking and performance.

Google is the authority out there that will determine the visibility of your website, it’s ranking and other factors like analytics. Websites, whether being built using code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) a Content Management System or an online builder relies on Google for everything. Google analytics is the most important tool to use to determine your sites performance, marketing, ranking, speed, and all other vital aspects.

It depends on what type of website you need to put online, if it is just an informative portfolio type of site, Google will be most probably the best choice and it is free. But more important than that will be ranking and performance.

google sites
Google Websites

Google has introduced their new standard on core web vitals that will measure the overall performance, user friendliness and display on different devices of your website and according to that your website will enjoy organic search and ranking.

A good idea is to test your website’s performance to establish if Google approves or disapproves of your website in general. Use this link from Google:

As mentioned, it is quite complicated, and this subject goes very deep. If you do not have a website, at least try to be listed with other websites that will do your business justice. Many websites list your business, email, and number for free. With most of those listings you can get no idea of what the business is about? Some directory platforms offer you more possibilities, but you pay more than a website for those, and you cannot change any information, you are locked into a subscription, and you cannot get any statistics from those platforms.

If you have a business, service or accommodation establishment in the Garden Route, Overberg, Klein and Central Karoo the Southern Cape and Karoo Online platform has got a solution for you. Even if you have a website, it can be used to generate more links and create brand awareness. If you do not have a website this is an excellent way to list your business because it offers all the bells and whistles of a modern condensed website.

southerncape and karoo
Southern Cape and Karoo Online

So go ahead and test your website, consider everything that was written, and should you have any questions you may comment below for advice or email me at: [email protected]. Consider the Southern Cape and Karoo Online platform, being a new directory, social and e-commerce platform you will get unbeatable value.

Follow this link to benefit from their launching special:

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