We’re Smart World: International year 2021 of Fruit and Vegetables

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I met Frank Fol over 30 years ago and became passionate about his vision of culinary cooking, far ahead of his time he launched the vegetable cook. He gave fruit and vegetables a more important function in the culinary kitchen. Years later, We’re Smart is a real hype. He also addresses the children of tomorrow’s generation to help them think about a better world….

As you know, South Africans love food and we have a lot of chefs who cook excellent and with a lot of passion.

I took the freedom to to copy  and post some links.

Look at the site:  https://weresmartworld.com/ and find out what is so important for our future.

An article from the site.


We’re Smart® World is the undisputed worldwide culinary reference when it comes to fruit and vegetables. The brainchild of Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef®, the organisation recognises and promotes individuals, restaurants and other businesses that put fruit and vegetables centre stage in the world of food.

Published annually, the culinary We’re Smart® Green Guide showcases the world’s leading ‘fruit and vegetable’ restaurants (restaurants committed to an innovative approach and exceptional taste combinations with vegetables) and ranks them from 1 to 5 “Radishes”. The annual We’re Smart® Awards recognise the year’s best restaurants and organisations.

The We’re Smart® Academy offers the world’s best ‘fruit and vegetable’ chefs a forum for sharing their knowledge in healthy, ecological food. These are just some of the ways in which We’re Smart® World contributes to nurturing a healthy, sustainable and ecological world. We’re Smart® World was chosen by the Belgian government as one of the official SDG Voices: designated ambassadors of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Find more solutions for a better, healthier and more sustainable world at weresmartworld.com

Frank Fol

Who is Frank Fol, The Vegetable Chef®, initiator of the concept, project We’re Smart® World?

Chef Frank Fol – former chef/owner of Michelin star restaurant Sire Pynnock – has, for more than thirty years, been really passionate about vegetables and all produce growing on our earth and his cooking was very much geared towards the use of vegetables and fruit.

A former star chef on the Belgian culinary theatre, today he is an international consultant on healthy, equilibrated and vegetal (as often as possible but not systematically) food. He consults, coaches and teaches workshops all over the world.

Without going overboard, he will include meat, poultry and fish in his dishes, but will always remain one of the most ardent defenders of the cooking style “vegetables first, followed by the other products”. However, his dishes are more than a match for the best gastronomic tables or the new trendy – read « healthy » – restaurants.

Whilst promoting his slogan “Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!”, he travels around the world sharing his approach to the kitchen of today and tomorrow’s kitchen with his peers.

It is also a way for him to increase his produce knowledge and to be inspired by a contemporary way of cooking with vegetables. This way of cooking is beneficial for our bodies and of course for the future of our planet and our children, that is our future!

Finally, he did start up We’re Smart World on a national level some years ago, but in 2018 he decided to go international with this ambitious project.

After the “paper” versions, this spring, Frank Fol, his team and the many supporters and sponsors proudly present the online We’re Smart Green Guide. Add to this a smattering of personalities recognised for the dynamism and their ‘green’ projects both in Belgium and the rest of the world.

It is with great passion and hard work that he has managed to turn his passion and way of life in an objective for the future of our way of cooking.

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We’re Smart® Best Vegetables Restaurants Awards 2020 by Country

These thirteen  restaurants emerged as winners in their country thanks to an innovative approach and exceptional taste combinations 2020

  1. Belgium: Bon Bon, Brussels
  2. Canada: Langdon Country House, Ontario
  3. Denmark: Geranium, Copenhagen
  4. Finland: Grön, Helsinki
  5. France: Le Clos des Sens, Annecy
  6. Italy: Lume, Chef Luigi Taglienti, Milano
  7. Japan: Inua, Tokyo
  8. Peru: Statera, Lima
  9. Russia: Twins Garden, Moscow
  10. Spain: Gatblau, Barcelona
  11. The Netherlands: De Nieuwe Winkel, Nijmegen
  12. United Kingdom: Lyle’s, London
  13. United States: Eleven Madison, New York
weresmartworld awards 2020 number 1 belgium

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