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Mastering It started with the desire to see people get equipped and/or people sharing their knowledge and skills with others. There are many aspects of a individual that never stops growing and developing - our intellect, knowledge base and skill set. We all can improve and give back in these aspects!

"We offer a platform that empowers people to master their own Education, Life and Career prospects."

Therefore, at Mastering It, we partner with a variety of people that are experts in their field and want to assist others. Our services ranges from:

- Extra classes & Study Skills classes

- Life Coaching & Life skills workshops

- Career Aptitude Tests & Career Coaching

Services are available for different age groups, can be done face to face or online and are flexible to adapt to different people's programmes.


We are passionate about people and will continue to invest in them!
Find more about us here - www.masteringit.co.za
Or on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Our Services

Mastering It owner and founder, Maryke Jooste, would say: 

“We are all on the journey of lifelong learning, whether we want to be or not and whether we are engaging in it or not. Growing up and going to school, many of us didn’t learn necessary skills for our education, life and/or career. How to do our taxes, how to build up a good credit score, how to buy property… Instead we tried to imitate what we had observed others doing or how we thought things should work. It’s a case of trial and error and figuring things out as we go along.

But wouldn’t it be better to be connected to people that can advise and help?
People that have gone through the journey, made mistakes and have lessons we can learn from?

It’s a biblical value and blessing to rather do life together than on our own! 

I wouldn’t want to do life in any other way.”

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