Sunday walk along George Dam

If you have no idea what to do on a Sunday, this might be a golden tip.

Take a walk along George Dam. The vast nature reserve is beautiful and gives you the necessary Sunday rest.

Cyclists and walkers can stroll here without being disturbed by any traffic.

Fishermen can indulge themselves along the banks of the dam.

For mountain bikers there is an extra course in the woods.

So all together on Sunday, not far from the village. You don’t always have to drive miles to George the city for all reasons.

For families with children it is a feasible idea, as it is safe and the height differences are small. It is the ideal place to teach your children how to ride a bicycle and to enjoy nature.

George Dam is located in the Witfontein Nature Reserve. The Swart River, which rises in the Outeniqua Mountains, is the source that steadily fills the dam with water, a necessary lifeline for a city like George.

Due to the ever-growing population in George and the surrounding area and the need for potable water increasing day by day, the reservoir was recently enlarged and renovated and the dam level raised, so that the George municipality can continue to provide the much-needed water supply. The water level is therefore closely monitored.

In the tourist season when many people move to the coast and foreigners visit George on their way through, it is always a challenge to provide all these people with water.

Thanks to the necessary rainfall, the dam level is currently very favourable.

Parking is provided at the entrance and with registration you can drive up to the dam.

So don’t forget to put this one on your bucket list when you visit or pass through George.

George the city for all reasons.

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