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What is happening in the Southern Cape and Karoo, find the latest classifieds, products, vehicles, property, events, businesses and services in the Garden Route, Central Karoo and Overberg.
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Are you looking for value for money online advertising for your business or service? Perhaps you want to start an online store? Look no further, this platform offers you a number of options.
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Start a conversation, organise groups, connect and share business and social interests. Add an event, list a vacancy or advertise in the classifieds.


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It might be that you:

  • need to register a domain name and set up a website.
  • are seeking more traffic to your website and business.
  • have marketing efforts scattered all over the web.
  • are paying more than R 99 per month.
  • are looking for marketing and advertising solutions.
  • have several businesses you want to advertise.
  • need a central platform from where you could promote your services.
  • want full control to edit and change all your advertising elements.
  • can not get hold of your webmaster to edit your website.
  • need a home for your Calendly online booking system.
  • are looking for more exposure in SA and the world.
  • want to promote your listing for better ranking.
  • find it important to monitor the performance of your web listing.
  • want to connect with your clients and business community.
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You could then:

  • use your premium listing as an alternative for a website.
  • pay R 99 per month for excellent online exposure.
  • have full edit control over your listing.
  • monitor your listing performance on a daily basis via your dashboard.
  • integrate and display your Calendly bookings into your listing.
  • make use of your free promotion listings for extra exposure.
  • staging an event or have a vacancy, add it with ease to your listing.
  • load your vehicles for sale and integrate it with your business listing.
  • add your properties for sale with ease and connect it to your listing.
  • choose from a multitude of categories to fit your business and service.
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The Southern Cape and Karoo website offers you a versatile platform with diverse services. Join our community, list your business, add your event, become a vendor and sell products, advertise vacancies and so much more to explore.